About Aksa Energy

Established in 1997, Aksa Energy is an affiliate of Kazancı Holding. With foundations dating back to the 1950s, Kazancı Holding is a global powerhouse, engaging in production activities on four continents, operating in 20 countries with more than 8,000 employees, and exporting to 173 countries around the world. Kazancı Holding ranks among the leading companies in the energy industry, with operations in energy production, electricity distribution and sales, natural gas distribution, and generator production via affiliates who are leaders in their own respective sectors. In addition to energy, the Group is also positioned as a leading player and a role model with business activities in agriculture and tourism.

Aksa Energy is a global energy concern with business operations in 5 countries on 2 continents. The Company performs all steps in plant installation – from project development to procurement, construction and installation – in-house with its highly skilled technical teams. Aksa Energy has built and operated more than 30 power plants using various energy sources to date, including coal, fuel oil, biogas, natural gas, wind and hydroelectricity. Taking its know-how on power generation overseas with power plant installations in countries in urgent need of energy, Aksa Energy provides fast and reliable solutions with long-term guaranteed sales agreements to meet the energy needs of countries.

Aiming to expand further abroad after TRNC, Aksa Energy took its first step toward globalization in 2015. Acting to transfer its efficiency and sustainability oriented approach to overseas markets, the Company’s first target was Africa. Aksa Energy entered the African market with power plants it has built and commissioned in Ghana, Madagascar and Mali in a very short time. Consolidating its presence in Africa with guaranteed energy sales agreements, Aksa Energy plans to expand its global service network further and closely monitors new investment opportunities in countries that have an urgent energy need.

In 2010, 21.4% of Aksa Energy’s shares were listed on Istanbul Stock Exchange under the ticker AKSEN. The Company’s stock is traded on the BIST 100 and BIST Sustainability indices.