Human Resources

Kazancı Group’s motto – “Our most valuable asset is our human capital” – forms the basis of Aksa Energy’s Human Resources Policy.

As Aksa Energy, we are aware that the success of our employees reflects in the happiness of our customers. Therefore, we place great importance to competent human resources to realize our future objective. Human Resources policies are formed according long term company objectives rather than short term objectives. Aksa Energy personnel are a part of a huge team where being open to innovation and change, being dynamic, being aware of own self and own potential to improve the work, development and creativity is sustained starting from recruitment, efforts are awarded and successes are appreciated.

As Aksa Energy, we aim to be the most preferred employer in our industry by development oriented and productive persons.

Aksa Energy’s approach to its human resources is based on such values and principles as; the right person for the right job, diversity management, equal opportunity, personal and professional development.

Aksa Energy sees human resources as its “strategic advantage”, because they are responsible for the management of all of its resources. Employee satisfaction and loyalty are the cornerstones of Aksa Energy’s Human Resources Vision. The Company develops and applies the necessary policies to strengthen the loyalty of its human resources.

Aksa Energy regards diversity as a valuable element of its organizational structure and an essential feature of the human resources that make up its intellectual capital. The Company aims to provide all of its employees with equality of opportunity in all processes and practices associated with its human resources policy.