Corporate Social Responsibility

Aksa Energy considers all individuals and entities, directly or indirectly affected by its business operations, as stakeholders. With this perspective, and coupled with a strong sense of social responsibility, we aim to create further value for our extensive network of stakeholders.

We actively work to minimize the adverse impacts of our operations pursuant to the principles outlined in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. We evaluate potential outcomes that may arise from these impacts and take responsive measures as needed, by listening to the opinions and suggestions of local residents in the areas where our power plants are located. Moreover, we carry out initiatives to support economic, social and cultural development of the local communities residing in our regions of operation.

Aksa Energy is keenly aware that energy generation is a vital need for economic growth and social development. Embracing this perspective, we help reduce our country’s foreign dependence on energy while meeting the urgent need for energy in developing markets through our operations. Thus, we indirectly support the growth of these countries by expanding access to energy, and contributing to the socio-economic development of local communities with the employment opportunities we create.

Supporting Local Economy and Employment

We employ the human resources we need from the local population in order to provide employment opportunities for people in our operating regions. Thanks to this approach, 85% of our staff in TRNC are comprised of local residents. In addition to providing employment opportunities at our power plants, we also select subcontracting companies from the region when additional services are needed at the power plants. Thus, we contribute to the expansion of the local labor market, and create a source of income for the local population.

Supporting Education, Art and Sports

Aksa Energy positions itself not solely an energy producer but a responsible corporate citizen which is dedicated to supporting wellbeing and development of TRNC through social and cultural initiatives. We develop and implement various environmental and socio-cultural projects in collaboration with universities, municipalities and NGOs. We support the youth, the future of our country, through scholarship and intership programs for students in Cyrups, including students studying at technical high schools and engineering departments in particulary. We also provide sponsorship to a number of local sports club including Çetinkaya Sports Club and Wheelchair Basketball Team. Moreover, we contribute to local charities and humanitarian efforts organized by municipalities through donations and assistance.